A Totally New Chapter Replica Omega Globemaster Press Conference Hold in SH

-On Jan 12th,2016,the famous clock brand Omega replica watches had a press conference in SH Peace Hotel to public its new kind of replica watches”Replica Omega Globemaster” .After a series of independent testing certification,the globemaster created a fully new quality standard by the revolutionary test program for watch industry.

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Omega Replica Globemaster watches is the world’s first watch certificated by COSE and METAS.It not only witness the historical moment of its brand development but also opened a new chapter of omega’s ahead spirit and creation.Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon who is Omega’s Vice President of product development and customer service explained the METAS certification process and make a detailed interpretation on the watch.He said,”the eight stars on the watch back are not only represent the most importance accuracy record created in In the last 40s to 50s but also symbolized the eight test standards which must be passed by COSC.During this certification,the watch and its moment must accept the accuracy test under high-intensity magnetic field which is high up to 15000gauss.The watch which passes the test will get the reward of COSC.

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On scene,Omega set a “High magnetic interactive experience area”,guests could closely experience Replica Omega Globemaster’s Super anti magnetic and precise glamour.
Replica Omega Globemaster carries the classical Co-Axial Escapement which published in 1999,Omega is the first brand to take Co-Axial Escapement which is more and more adorable by people.In 2007,Omega 8500 Coaxial movement released.In 2008,Diamagnetic silicon was brought in coaxial movement.In 2013,Omega coaxial movement 8508 became the magnetic mechanical movement.The magnetic technique is widely used to man’s and ladies’ replica watches and accomplish the industrialization.