The New Replica Rolex Yacht Master Series Watches Like A Real Playboy

This year at Baselworld 2017, we saw the release of the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 116695SATS watches done in a gem-set bezel. It’s not a Rolex for the usual fan of the brand but if you’re already someone (like myself) who also appreciates the non-traditional Yacht-Master 40 with the Oysterflex bracelet and aren’t afraid of some flash, then this is an interesting watch to have in a collection. You’ll remember that the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 was introduced back in 2015 and immediately stood out due to the fact that it came on the then-new rubber Oysterflex bracelet. The reaction to the bracelet was, as expected, mixed but has been popular enough with the release of the Rolex Daytona on an Oysterflex bracelet this year.

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Also released this year was this Yacht-Master 40 with a remarkably well-done gem-set bezel, which is about the only “typical Rolex” trait you’ll find in this piece. Love it or hate it, its execution and quality are undeniable.

It’s inevitable, but many watch enthusiasts have an unfortunate patellar-reflex response to seeing precious stones or gems on watches. I think there are several reasons for it: the often ugly bejeweled timepiece; crappy aftermarket jobs; an unfortunate desire to distance oneself from anything “bling” (sorry, but comment sections on watch blogs and forums are the only place I still see that word as of the past decade); as well as the fact that there are not many factory-made men’s watches done with gems that aren’t “diamond explosions” or just come off too effeminate. While it’s obvious that this piece is going to be geared towards the mainland Chinese market, I think this can be seen as a viable men’s watch in the Western market as well.

Like the non-gem model, this Yacht-Master 40 comes on the Oysterflex strap Rolex fake watches introduced in 2015. Not technically rubber, the elastomer strap is fit with a titanium nickel alloy “blade” underneath to give it a more secure fit. The strap also has the well-received “fins” underneath, which are designed to create a very small space between skin and the bracelet allowing for some flexibility during hot and cold weather. The dial is slightly different, with Rolex choosing a glossy black finish as opposed to the matte dial on the non-gem model.

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Functionality isn’t affected with the functioning bi-directional bezel, it’s still real Rolex dive watches with 100M water resistance. The double anti-reflective coated crystal and Chromalight lumed hands should make for legibility in the dark, as well. As for the movement, we still see the caliber 3135 movement found in models like the Submariner which gets 48 hours of power reserve.

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In a case decided earlier this month, the intellectual property office in Singapore decided for Franck Muller cheap replica watches in its tussle with Van Cleef & Arpels (VC&A) over the use of the trademark “Mystery Set” for watches, though the jeweller retained exclusivity of the mark for jewellery, according to Singapore newspaper The Straits Times.

Both had gone to the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) over the right to use the term, with Franck Muller, specifically its trademark owning subsidiary FMTM Distribution Ltd., claiming that VC&A had not used the trademark for five years since its registration, along with the fact that the term is generic one.

With a respected legal system while being a crucial market for high-end jewellery and watches – and a particularly important country for Franck Muller – Singapore was the right location for the two luxury brands to settle their dispute. Though founded as a watchmaker in 1991, Franck Muller has a lucrative collection of jewellery as well as a diverse offering of bejewelled watches. VC&A, on the other hand, was established as a jeweller in Paris, but is now regarded as a legitimate player in the world of high-end mechanical watches, albeit mostly set with gemstones.

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Invented and patented by the French jeweller in 1933, “Mystery Set”, or serti mysterieux, is a technique of setting gemstones with no visible mounting. Now widely used in jewellery and watches, it’s often referred to as “invisible setting” – the technique’s trade name according to IPOS. “Mystery Set” or “Mystery Setting, on the other hand, was judged to be a term coined by VC&A and one that “describes the aura which is exuded by such a setting… allusive of the invisible setting technique and in turn, jewellery.”

The trade mark registrar deciding the case also pointed out the irony that a high successful trade mark could end up undermining itself, being so “accomplished” that it becomes a general term, which was what Franck Muller limited edition fake watches UK were claiming.

To show that it had consistently used the trademark in its business, VC&A produced several invoices dating from 2008 to 2015 for sales of “Mystery Set” jewellery totalling over S$2.5m, but none for watches. Consequently, VC&A got to keep the “Mystery Set” trademark for jewellery, but lost it for watches. Expect to see plenty of “Mystery Set” Franck Muller watches in stores soon.