Replica IWC Portugieser 75th Anniversary

The IWC Portugieser replica watches uk celebrates it’s 75th anniversary and the iconic watch looks better than ever.

The release of Portugieser Sidérale Scafusia is part of the celebration and it’s the most complicated watch ever to be produced by the Schaffhausen manufacturer. The Sidérale took 10 years to develop and build and it features all of the ascetics a classic Portugieser should bear, a big plus is the amazing constant-force tourbillon. In short the replica watches features a perpetual calendar with leap year display, power indicator and display of sidereal time. Case measures 46 mm, movement is the calibre 94900 and the power reserve is 96 hours when fully wound up. Comes in 18-carat red gold or 18-carat white gold.

IWC Portugieser replica watchesAt the back of the Breitling replica watch is the celestial chart displaying horizon, ecliptic and celestial equator. Also on the case back is indication for day, night and twilight and display for sunrise and sunset.

Replica-IWC-Portuguese-Siderale-Scafusia-back-closeupTechnical aspects aside, the best feature is the possibility to customize the Sidérale with over 200 different design options. The choice of case material, color of the dial, color of the appliqués and strap is all up you. Is a refreshing initiative by IWC to offer this service for a high end Omega replica watches of this caliber.