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Patek Philippe’s “Art Of Watches Grand Exhibition” will be coming to New York in mid-July, as we announced way back in October. This exhibition will include an absolutely huge range of major watches and clocks, covering not only Patek Philippe’s history, but the history of watch and clockmaking in general, going back over four centuries. Patek Philippe replica watches have just announced that, especially for the U.S. opening of the exhibition, a room dedicated to important watches commissioned by, or owned by, major figures in American history, will be included in the exhibition. The exhibition will be in New York from July 13 through 23 at Cipriani 42nd Street, and will be open to the general public, free of charge.

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In addition to the dedicated U.S. exhibition space, the exhibition will include rooms dedicated to the company’s current collection, as well as a Museum Room, a Grand Complications Room, and a Rare Handcrafts Gallery. Watches shown will include not only those made by Patek Philippe, but also historically important timepieces dating back to the late Renaissance, from the Patek Philippe cheap fake watches UK Museum. Here are four of the important Patek watches that will be shown in the U.S. Historic Room.

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“The Packard” was commissioned by James Ward Packard in 1927, and is one of the most complicated Patek Philippe watches ever made; it includes a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, running equation of time (equation of time marchant), and sunrise and sunset times. As well, the back has a highly detailed star chart, showing the stars visible at any time of year rising and setting in the sky above Warren, Ohio – Packard’s birthplace.