Cockpit Companion: Testing The Bell & Ross Br 03-92

Bell & Ross has been making pilots’ Omega replica watches sale since the company was founded two decades ago. Initially, they were traditional-looking, round watches, but in 2005 it came out with BR 01, a square-case, round-dial watch meant to resemble the flight instruments in an airplane cockpit. The watch is very big: 46 mm across. Bell & Ross, headquartered in Paris (although its watches are made in Switzerland), followed up with a smaller version, the BR 03, which is 42 mm across, and then with an even smaller one, the BR S, 39 mm wide.

Our test watch, introduced in 2013, is a member of the 42-mm family. The “92” is a reference to the ETA Caliber 2892, which was used in the BR 03-92 series when it was first introduced and is still used in many of its models. (The Golden Heritage itself contains the Sellita SW 300, which was designed to be used as a substitute for the ETA 2892.) The “golden” in the name refers to the gold- plated hands and markers. The watch is called “Heritage” because it has a vintage look to it, thanks to the finish on its gold-plated components and the styling of its strap.

The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Golden Heritage.

The case is a monocoque, meaning it has no separate caseback. It is made of steel. To access the movement, the cheap IWC replica watchmaker must remove the top part of the case, take out the winding stem and crown and then lift up the movement and dial (the dial is attached to the movement by small, soldered feet). The top part of the case and the dial are each affixed to the bottom of the case with sets of four screws.

The inside of the case has grooves that hold the movement in place. No spacer ring is needed.

Bell & Ross does not use a spacer ring in the case: instead, it fashioned the case to fit the movement precisely. The interior of the case has grooves that hold the movement in place. To provide shock absorption, there is a plastic ring between the dial and the case. The case is water resistant to 100 meters; it has an O-ring gasket with sealant, which is also applied to the screw holes.


Every visible component is well made and sturdy. The dial is securely affixed, the case well finished, the strap thick and very wide. Bell & Ross placed less value on the movement. It is minimally decorated and of Sellita’s “spécial” grade, the lowest of the company’s three quality grades. That means the movement has a gold-plated nickel balance rather than one made of Glucydur, and that Sellita regulated it in just four positions.

The inside of the case has grooves that hold the movement in place. No spacer ring is needed.

The rate results were nonetheless acceptable. On the timing machine, the greatest deviation, 9 seconds, was a little too high quality replica Omage watches, but the average deviation was only +5.5 seconds per day. The wearing test showed even better results, only +4 seconds per day.

The caseback has a screw that gives the watchmaker access to unlock and remove the winding stem.