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Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux Diamond Dial Replica Watches UK

Translating Haute Couture in watches is not an easy task, as a watch is a very rigid object, so different from the fine fabrics most couturiers use. Of course, the strap can be used as a gateway to connect both worlds, but you can also approach the watch itself from a different angle, as Dior did with the VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux fake watches.

Limited edition Dior watches

For these exquisite limited editions, Dior when back to the basic instruments of any couturier: needle and thread. By using gold thread, they craft an exquisite pattern on the dial. Combine this with diamonds and the result becomes breathtaking.

Cheap fake Dior watches UK.

By combining different textures, all that find their origin with the different styles of fabrics, the same watch becomes completely different. To highlight this incredible display of craftsmanship, Dior put the watch in an 18K pink gold case, with a bezel set with diamonds to highlight its exclusive nature.

Normal diameter

The diameter of the case is 36mm replica Dior watches. A clever size, as it is large enough to highlight the extraordinary dial, yet at the same time small enough to remain elegant. Elegance is also what comes to mind when looking at the strap, which is crafted from fabric and shows a subtle herringbone motive. It is not the strap you would expect for such a precious watch, but it works wonders. It is one of these combinations that makes another bridge with the work of Haute Couture, as it highlights unexpected combinations that work wonders when actually put together.

Diamond dial Dior replica watches UK.

While some might expect the Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux to be powered by an automatic movement, they are probably quite excited to learn that instead, Dior opted for an automatic movement, which can be admired through the glass case back. It is the finishing touch on a watch that we can only describe as true Haute Couture wrist candy