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Panerai Mare Nostrum 42mm Diameter Blue Dial Waterproof Fake Watches UK

Back in the day, before the Richemont Group (then Vendôme) had acquired, or perhaps even heard of Panerai diving replica watches UK, the brand’s few models were simply curiosities of interest to two types of collectors: those who amass military watches and all-embracing Rolex aficionados. It was obscure if not quite unknown, and price guides from the mid-1980s show Panerais with the kind of values that would, today, stop your heart from beating. As in: You couldn’t give ‘em away.

Cheap fake Panerai watches UK.

Panerai’s cheap fake watches UK appeal for military watch collectors is obvious: Prior to 1993, they were made solely for assorted navies’ underwater teams, including the Italy’s and Germany’s saboteurs during WWII, while both the Egyptian and Israel forces — you gotta love the irony — commissioned Panerais in the 1950s. As for Rolex collectors being cognisant of the brand prior to 1993, the connection is Rolex’s involvement in the early case design and manufacture, with Rolex-marked, Cortebert-based movements used to power certain models.

In 1993, when the brand was brought back to life under the aegis of Dino Zei, the production was severely limited, with only a handful of faithful-to-the-original Luminors and Marinas. Mainly Italian collectors were targeted, so it was by accident that Sylvester Stallone would learn of the brand and put it in the map.

Oddly, Zei and Co also reissued a model that had never actually been produced because of wartime conditions, unlike the Luminors and Marinas. It was based on drawings in their files and used neither the Luminor nor the earlier Radiomir cases: The Mare Nostrum, the company’s first-ever chronograph. Panerai Firenze (as some call the pre-Richemont incarnation) created a 42mm facsimile of the drawings in their archives that survived the 1966 flood in Florence, given the identification of Ref. 5218-301/A.

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It was fitted with ETA 2801 movement fake watches and Dubois-Depraz module that looked the business: Two sub-dials, two pushers, chunky case, its raison d’être being a timepiece for deck officers. Despite serial numbers that suggest otherwise, it is believed that under 500 were actually produced, including all the variants.

Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio Brevettato PAM685 & PAM687 Replica Watches

We are just two months ahead of the luxury Panerai replica watches UK fair SIHH 2017, so it was about time for a head-turner pre-event teaser, which in this case is the – you guessed it, vintage-inspired – Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio Brevettato PAM685 and PAM687 watches. Some cool details here, so let’s take a look, before we go hands-on with it in 8 weeks time.
As far as dive watch lore is concerned, Panerai has been there since the beginning of man’s mid-century race to the bottom of the sea, and has a number of extremely rare vintage editions provided to the Royal Italian Navy to prove it. One such example was the original Radiomir, whose unique, 12-sided bezel was proudly engraved with the proclamation of its patented (“Brevettato”) design – you know, just in case navy divers wanted to copy it, or something. Since Panerai surfaced as a commercially available brand, it has been dipping into its archives to recreate this super cool blend of military-grade ruggedness and sleek Italian design, and the Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio Brevettato PAM685/PAM687 watches fit into that larger picture beautifully.

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While most watch brands are content to drop in a date aperture, increase the case size by a few millimeters, and finish things off with a generous dose of beige Super-LumiNova, Panerai is trying to preserve the exact dimensions and aged character of the original with this new Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio Brevettato… they do go so far as to offer the watch in two dial variants: the PAM685, as seen above, comes with a standard black dial and the aforementioned beige luminous cutouts…
…While the PAM687 takes the faux-patina adoption to new heights with a brown “tropical” dial designed to mimic the discoloration that occurs over time on lacquered dials (enamel, by contrast, will never fade, but these having been military spec watches, there of course was no demand for fancy enameled dials). It’s the first time Panerai has ever introduced an offering quite like this, so love it or hate it, the significance is still certainly notable.

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The rest of the watch mirrors other aspects of the original Radiomir, including the swarthy 47mm case diameter Panerai fake watches, Plexiglass crystal, wire lugs, time-only indication without even running seconds, and of course, an oversized onion crown – a necessity carried over from military watches of the era that had to be wound while wearing gloves. Unlike the originals, though, Panerai is including a spare crystal in the package – Plexiglass does scratch considerably more easily than sapphire – for those who prefer their watch to not accumulate the same levels of character that the vintage editions might now be found in.