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Swatch Sistem 51 Series Black Dial Rubber Strap Replica Watches UK

Back in 2013, Swatch replica watches UK  made a huge announcement at Baselworld that they would be producing and selling a new type of Swiss mechanical watch for a new low price. The watch would be known as the Swatch Sistem 51, be priced at around $150, and use a new type of robotically-produced mechanical movement made from just 51 parts.

Black dial Swatch replica watches UK.

While the Japanese and other Asian manufacturers have been producing mechanical watches for much cheaper for a long time, the fact that a Swiss watch maker was entering the “budget mechanical fake watch” market was very interesting. The best way of explaining the purpose of the Swatch Sistem 51 for me was as a means for Swatch to help young people enter the world of mechanical watches with an attractive and budget-priced watch that would allow them to later “graduate” into more expensive and luxurious mechanical watches. Allow me to remind you that watch brands such as Hamilton, Longines, Omega, and Breguet are all under the larger Swatch Group umbrella.
Perhaps the irony of Swatch’s high-volume production mechanical watches produced by robots was that they experienced production delays that led to a slower-than-anticipated rollout of Swatch Sistem 51 watches around the world. It was not until late 2014 that the Swatch Sistem 51 collection was officially available for sale in the USA.

Limited Swatch fake watches UK.

One of the best things you can say about the Swatch Sistem 51 collection is that budget watch lovers could finally have a timepiece that was both inexpensive and fun, while also suitable as a timepiece to get a nod from watch snobs. I used that exact language when featuring the Swatch Sistem 51 watch in our Top 10 Affordable Watches That Get A Nod From Watch Snobs article. So even though there are lower-priced Asian mechanical watches, the “Swiss nature” of the Swatch Sistem 51 allowed for it to live a bit closer to the world of luxury timepieces that helped spawn it. Actually, in truth, the sales success of Swatch is more beneficial to the luxury watch world than vice versa.

Omega Replica Introduces World’s First Anti-Magnetic Movement

Today in Geneva, Omega replica announced a new movement that is resistant to magnetic fields greater than 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss). Introduced inside of a Seamster Aqua Terra, the co-axial caliber 8508 was introduced by members of ASULAB, ETA and Omega, all of whom had a hand in developing the new movement, which has numerous patents pending. How did they manage something 15x more resistant than a Milgauss and 2x more than even these Ingenieurs?

Replica_Omega_Seamaster_Aqua_TerraMost anti-magnetic watches encase their movement within soft iron, like Rolex’s Faraday cage, which distributes electromagnetic radiation in a way that cancels the field’s effect on what lies inside. Omega has removed this step, however, opting instead to construct the movement itself of non-ferrous materials. An obvious enough solution, it would seem. But it did take the combined efforts of various Swatch replica watches group assets, including scientists and metallurgists, to engineer the movement.

Anti-magnetic replica watches have been around for the better part of 60 years. The most commonly known is the Rolex Milgauss, which was developed for scientists working at CERN who were subjected to powerful magnetic fields in their work. As the name suggests, the Milgauss is resistant to 1000 gauss (unit of magnetic induction), which was enough to protect the timekeeping functions intact in the CERN environment. For reference, a small iron magnet measures around 100 gauss. So Omega’s new caliber 8508 should maintain accuracy within any environment you can throw at it, unless of course your travels take you to the surface of a neutron star.

confe_CC_81rence_presse_omegaOmega’s presentation in Geneva highlighted the company’s history of technological innovation, as well as the challenges that building an a-magnetic cheap Omega replica watches presents. Jean-Claude Monachon explained that magnets are now present in our daily lives more than ever, which, if true, would make this announcement rather timely. We’ll see more of this movement at Basel in April and we can expect to see the new caliber 8508 introduced to market sometime in 2013.