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Royal Baby No. 2

The news story of the moment is summed up by these four words: Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. The whole world has been enthralled by the 8lbs 3oz newborn. All that remains is to find her a birth gift worthy of her rank. So what’s her wrist size?

A right royal celebration

Born of an exercise in style based on pure minimalism, the Slim d’Hermès watch expresses a movement towards the essential.

In the US, they have a “sip and see”—a party organized a few weeks after a baby’s birth to introduce him or her to family and friends. In AAA Omega replica watchmaking, this could be adapted to “wait and see”. Christening bracelet aside, the Princess will have to wait to wear a complication or weigh her wrist down with diamonds. With its diameter of 25 mm, water resistance to 30 meters and strap in vermillion red grained calfskin, the Slim watch by Hermès is a good compromise for starting out in life. And if her mom borrows it for the evening it means two things: 1) the model is a sound investment and 2) she doesn’t know that babies can remember things from the moment they are born.

Triple tribute

Longines Symphonette, when elegance and modernity become one.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana—the young Princess’ first names are a triple tribute to her grandfather Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, and William’s mother Diana, who died in 1997 in a car crash in Paris. With a legacy such as this to carry, a touch of lightness is called for. With its delicate oval case, the Longines Symphonette should help to distinguish the Princess from her peers while maintaining her blue blood at room temperature. Marrying a commoner could be considered at a later date.

To the manor born

The vibrant green strap of the Baume & Mercier Linea Fresh Green watch compliments any summer outfit.

18th-century residence with twenty-five windows on its facade, ten bedrooms, swimming pool, tennis court and nursery. No, you’re not looking at the classified ads on Craigslist; this is Kate and William’s new home, where Princess Charlotte and her brother George will grow up. Anmer Hall, in Norfolk, was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II! When it comes to playing hide-and-seek in the 8,000 hectare grounds, a Baume & Mercier Linea Fresh Green is a must. The color of the Rolex replica watches shop online strap blends into the backdrop of century-old trees surrounding the manor house. Life is a walk in the park for some children!

Two for the seesaw

Revisiting the powder compact through a pocket watch—such is the desire of The Jeweler's Secret watch by Harry Winston.

How does one go from superhero to big brother? That’s the question that Prince George, the oldest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will have to answer in the coming months. Life being full of surprises, the chances were that His Royal Cuteness (as he is known in the press) would one day be confronted with the arrival of a little sister. However, being the oldest child has its advantages. It’s George to whom Charlotte will turn to for advice on charming her public. A true object of desire, The Jeweler’s Secret by Harry Winston, a powder compact revisited as a pocket watch, is a good start for ensuring all attention is focused on the Princess. The second advantage is that it’ll give little George free rein to get up to mischief. What more could you wish for?


The polished and blued titanium dial of De Bethune’s DB25T Zodiac reveals a gateway to heaven adorned with hand engravings by artist Michèle Rothen on solid gold.

As a Taurus with Cancer in ascendant and the Moon in Libra, Charlotte is ruled by gentle, sensitive and affectionate signs. On her De Bethune DB25T Zodiac fake Omega watches store, each hour is represented by a sign of the zodiac. Come tea time at 4 o’clock, which way will the scales of Libra tip—Darjeeling or Earl Grey?