The Most Wanted Replica Watches Omega X-33 after Watching the Movie of “An Officer and a Gentleman”

When watching the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”,Replica Omega X-33 became the most wanted replica watches sale.Omega caught the chance of solar flight plan,to started an expecting world travailing,it proudly published a new series which was a legendary super series:Super Sky walker X-33 solar flight plan limited wrist replica watches.It was not only a excellent timekeeping replica watches but also as a gift presented for solar flight plan whose greatest target was to drive plane with pure solar travel around the world,it claimed the possibility of renewable energy.

omega replica X-33The 45mm frosted case is made of light grade 2 titanium and the blue ceramic bezel plated with with Super-LumiNova.Both blue dial and green dial have the white transfer scale and Super-LumiNova plated time markers.What’s more,it takes opened design of the center which makes wearer could read the digital information on the LCD(black background,Grey font For instance,the hour hand,minute hand and second hand of three different timezone,the new Replica Omega X-33 watches function of three alarm、second timekeeping and reciprocal and the perpetual calendar to display week、date、month and year.Pierced black and white hour hand and minute hand plated with Super-LumiNova which will sending out green light,and the dark green second hand in the center is also clear and conspicuous.

The ESA tested and certificated brand new  X-33 is based on the ESA patented invention which registered by a pilot called Jean-Francois Clervoy.Therefore,it could keep exactly time in severe environment.The model carries NATO bracelet and only launched 1924 pieces limited.1924 pieces are in memory of the first flight for world travailing: The army air corps member of USA completed the first flight to travel around the world on April 4th to Sept 28th,1924.

Omega replica seamaster X-33Omega replica watches sale shared the news of the success of Solar fight plan to the world via international platform.